Grand Theft Auto V is Crashing Xbox 360s

There have been reports across the internet that the latest installment to the Grand Theft Auto series is crashing older Xbox 360 systems which were produced between 2006 and 2008. Xbox Live support, Rockstar support, and several forums across the internet have been bombarded by user complaints and issues since the game’s release. Several recommended solutions, such as reinstalling the game or upgrading open hard drive space have not been working. Rockstar and Xbox are currently investigating possible solutions to this situation.


The most successful solution that currently exists (per Xbox Live Support):
1. Delete all Grand Theft Auto V game data.
2. Clear system cache three times.
3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items.
4. Unplug console for three minutes.
5. Install disc 1.
6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.
7. Restart.
8. Install disc 2.

This is one of the second largest issues with the game since release; the first issue being with installing the play disc hindering graphics negatively, as did Skyrim when it was released.

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  1. It happens at the end of every modern consoles lifespan it seems. Need to be mindful that we’re now playing with huge amounts of data and the current gen consoles were first shipped with AV cables whereas the majority if users I assume would be hooking in via HDMI. With the sheer amount of sales and hype I don’t think this will damage rockstar and it’s hardly an Aliens Colonial Marines moment.


  2. I have this issue as well. I am very glad to see this article. I had been told on most forums that it is my dusty old xbox. I took my box apart yesterday and blew it out with the compressor, which did not end up solving the issue. Just applied this fix, and I’m afraid it didn’t work. I have also tried a fresh install on a different hdd so that isn’t it. I think I am out of luck.


    1. Only to models released between 2006-2008. The newer ones should be safe, you should just have to worry about NOT installing play disc 2, just play straight from the disc. Also, be sure to have at least 8GB space available to even play the game.


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