Justin Bieber Is Robin? (No, He’s Not)

After the recent casting of Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman for the still untitled “Man of Steel” sequel caused more than a few Batman fans to raise an eyebrow, interest in any casting surrounding the Caped Crusader is at a high.

Justin Bieber caused a brief internet uproar this weekend when he uploaded a photo to his Instagram account showing him holding what appeared to be a personalized script for “Batman vs. Superman”. The photo was captioned #Robin. This caused wild internet screaming of all varieties with many pondering the truth behind the photo. Was this a true casting announcement or practical joke?


It appears to be the latter. A source tells Hollywoodlife.com that “Justin Bieber will NOT be in the next Batman film, either as Robin or craft services.”

More evidence that points to the post being a prank is Bieber shot a skit for the site Funny or Die this weekend, which means the script could have been a prop for that skit.

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