Spider-Man: Homecoming GIVEAWAY + 30% OFF on Purchases THIS WEEK ONLY!

Movie preferences vary – you’re not always going to love the same movie that your buddy does, and vise versa – but we’re going to go ahead and take the leap on this one and say… Spider-Man: Homecoming rocked, and so do these these amazing deals – not to mention the giveaway! For a super limited time, save 30% on any of FIVE t-shirts chosen just for you featuring new movie designs that will show your love for our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man! NOTE: Each tee is available in alternate colors, so click through to choose the one you like best!

Update: A winner has been selected and contacted. Congratulations, Kellie Hill!

Before we jump into the deals – so you don’t forget to enter to win – like Nerdy Minds on Facebook and share the giveaway post (click this link)!* Bonus entries for tagging friends!** For another way to win, follow @NerdyMindsMag on Twitter and retweet our giveaway tweet (click this link)!*** *5 entries, share must be set to public, must like page to qualify to win **1 additional entry per tag, up to 10 ***retweet earns 5 bonus entries

Now to the deals! Don’t worry: if you buy one, or two, or three… at the discounted rate and then win the contest, you can choose a different shirt as your prize!

Our first discounted tee, and one of our favorites which was chosen just for you, is a subtle take on the “costume tee”, featuring the same logo in the same spot as the one on Spider-Man’s new Homecoming suit! This shirt can be purchased by Nerdy Minds readers at 30% off by clicking this link.
spider-man homecoming logo t-shirt

Secondly, we have for you this hilarious shirt that if you’ve seen the movie already you definitely want, and if you haven’t seen it yet a. go now!, and b. you definitely will! Without spoiling much, the “Training Wheels Protocol” is a sort of parental control/child safety lock system that leads to some pretty funny dialog… Snag it for 30% off by clicking this link.
stark industries training-wheels protocol spider-man homecoming t-shirt

The third t-shirt you can get for 30% off by clicking this link is this work of art on cotton featuring Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s big bad VULTURE inside the newest Spider-Man logo! It also very subtly proclaims it is based on the new movie by displaying “HOMECOMING” spelled out in webbing towards the bottom of the design.
spider-man homecoming vulture spider logo t-shirt.PNG

Fourth, this Spider-Man:Homecoming t-shirt introduces some fun and adds a bit more humanity to the mix with its cartoon style and the added bonus of Peter Parker’s Academic Decathlon’s team uniform! It can be purchased at 30% by clicking this link.
spider-man homecoming academic decathlon uniform t-shirt

And last, but certainly not least; in fact, we voted and dubbed this tee the coolest. Let us tell you why: At Peter Parker’s High School, Midtown School of Science and Technology, they have gym uniform t-shirts that look almost identical to this one. This means, yes, you can wear a t-shirt like the one Peter Parker and other main characters wear in the movie (everyday cosplay, anyone?)! Snag this costume piece for 30% off by clicking this link!
spider-man homecoming midtown school of science & technology screen-accurate gym t-shirt

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