Q&A with the Cast of ARROW

If you didn’t know, DC Comics TV shows are phenomenal! Included in this is The CW’s ARROW starring Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, Katie Cassidy as Black Canary, and a mix of Matt Nable and John Barrowman as Ra’s Al Ghul (it’s a long story). These actors love what they do, and you can tell! But just in case you couldn’t, they made sure we knew when we saw them at Dragon Con.

“So then when I have people come along and ask me if I would be part of a show called ARROW, part of the DC world, and they said – the first thing out of their mouths were, you know, “We don’t think you’ll accept,” and I’m like, “Are you high??? Are you stupid? Of course I’ll accept it.” So what’s great for me as that young boy – the man, the young kid inside of me that every day on set comes on with a smile on his face and LOVES the job that I do – I get to be a hero in [Doctor Who and Torchwood], and I get to be a really bad…troubled hero in Arrow…” – John Barrowman (side note: We learned he prefers playing evil.)

They told us of their training and stunt work. Stephen Amell does “3/4 of The Arrow’s stunts and 100% of the stunts they will allow him to do.”, and there is a great deal of training done off-screen so the characters can fight believably and so fans can enjoy “the shirtless scenes.” Stephen Amell isn’t the only one training hard either; Katie Cassidy has even asked Stephen to teach her to master the infamous salmon ladder! In fact, they train so much that they had to request that gym time officially be built into their schedules, as prior to this they were overworking themselves to make time for it.

We learned the origin of Green Arrow’s updated suit, and even some of what the future holds… It should be noted: it’s 85% not what fans have theorized! Regarding the suit, we learned that Stephen is responsible for Green Arrow’s new suit design not having sleeves, and he regrets it – but he’s the only one.

And I looked at the suit and it was like, “Guys, it’s awesome, but it’s just not different enough. We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to make the quiver bigger. We’ve got to make more pops of green. We’ve got to take the sleeves off…” They go, “WE GOTTA TAKE THE SLEEVES OFF? DONE!” They had the sketch to me in like 5 minutes after I sent the email – they were just waiting. So the moral of the story is, is that I screwed myself on that one… because it is already starting to get cold in Vancouver, and my arms are FREEZING. But if Caity Lotz can expose almost her entire chest for a season, then I can expose my arms.”

Fangirls (and boys), rejoice with Katie Cassidy, “I’m not mad about it,” and John Barrowman, “Just know you look really fine, son. You look fine. Cold or not, Amell looks good.”

Of course you can assume that John Barrowman stole the show at Dragon Con (how can his eccentric personality not do that?), making it a laugh out loud event!

cast of arrow at dragon con

The experience as a whole was one you wouldn’t want to miss! But just in case you weren’t lucky enough to be in the crowd that day, behold all of that excitement below so you can enjoy it like we did!

As you can see, if you haven’t been watching Arrow, you should be! Tune in Wednesday nights at 8/9c on The CW!

Be sure to let the cast know that you love what they do and that like the rest of us, you want more more more! The cast of ARROW is on social media, because they’re “creating the world for you, and creating these characters for you, and making sure that you have a good time, and that’s why [they all are] on social media – that’s why we’re so prominent on it, because we love letting you know what the hell’s going on.” You can connect with everyone but Matt Nable on Twitter at @amellywood@MzKatieCassidy, and @Team_Barrowman (Matt’s not on social media, but his friends I know will pass your kind words along)! Tell them @NerdyMindsMag sent you!

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