Rejoice, DC Animated Universe fans! …for right now you can get all 4 seasons of Justice League (Season 1 and Season 2) on Blu-ray or DVD and Justice League Unlimited (Season 1 and Season 2, or Season 3 and Season 4 if you consider that it’s all one show with different names like IMDB does) at 40-66% OFF the list price (varies by format and season)!

justiceleagueJustice League was an animated series produced for Cartoon Network from 20012004. It followed the adventures of the newly formed Justice League, which included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, J’onn J’onzz, and Hawkgirl.

Justice League Unlimited is an animated series set some time after the end of Justice League. It focuses on a revamped League of about 60 superheroes. It has 3 seasons of 13 episodes each. The first two seasons have been repackaged for DVD as Season One, and the last TV season, the third, was renamed Season Two.

To make it easy on you, we’ve compiled a list of links to take you straight to the deal page of whichever season and format you’re looking for! You’re welcome. P.S. If you shop through our links, it costs you nothing extra but provides us with the means to pay our bills and keep Nerdy Minds alive! …and even if you can’t buy right now, if you appreciate what we do, please consider sharing this post – your friends will love you and we will too! #RealCaringMeansDealSharing Thank you in advance!

Justice League Season 1 on DVD deal page

Justice League: Season 1 (DC Comics Classic Collection)

Justice League Season 1 on Blu-ray deal page

Justice League Season 2 on DVD deal page

Justice League Season 2 on Blu-ray deal page

Justice League Unlimited Season 1 on DVD deal page

Justice League Unlimited Season 2 on DVD deal page

Or if you want it all in one set, you can click here to buy the complete series box set on DVD (but we’ll warn you – that one’s not on sale)!


The holidays are here, so feel free to buy your favorite DC fanboy/fangirl their favorite gift this year (even if that fanboy/fangirl is you–we won’t tell)!

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