BIOSHOCK Team Wants To Bring 1920s Theatre To Life In THE BLACK GLOVE (Video Game)… & They Need Your Help!

“It feels like if Twin Peaks had sex with BioShock this is the mutant baby.”
–Yuri Lowenthal, Voice Actor


We have 14 hours at the time of writing this to #SAVETHEBLACKGLOVE (even less by the time you’re reading it–time’s up at 4:30pm EST)! For that reason, we’ll keep our part of this feature brief and relay what Day For Night (indie game developers who are essentially the remnants of the late and great Irrational Games) has to say about their newest creation… After all, who knows a creation better than its creator? Get ready to enjoy a 1920s video game experience from the brilliant (nerdy) minds behind the BioShock saga! …if their Kickstarter campaign is successful. They’ve already proven themselves under the watchful eye of Ken Levine and Irrational Games (with BioShock); let’s give them the chance to show us what they can do on their own by Kickstarting The Black Glove into existence (click here to do your part and #SAVETHEBLACKGLOVE)


An eerie, surrealistic, first-person game experience by an independent team of developers who helped make BioShock Infinite & BioShock

Welcome to The Equinox, a weird, 1920s theatre that appears to be unstuck from conventional reality. The theatre has three creators-in-residence: an artist, a filmmaker, and a musical act – all geniuses, all infected with horrible madness that’s also reflected in a bizarre decay afflicting the theatre.


As the latest Curator, you’re tasked with unraveling the mystery of the insanity afflicting the creators and saving the theatre. You must explore the theatre, interacting with bizarre characters, and excavating a narrative-rich world for clues to righting it all.

Partially inspired by real-world immersive theater experiences like the exploration-based haunted hotel “Sleep No More,” every room, every drawer, every hidden corner includes strange, unsettling surprises designed to deepen the player experience.

But this is no ordinary adventure game. You soon become equipped with The Black Glove, a powerful artifact which gives you the ability to bend space and time and more.

The Equinox was not always the dark den of madness you see today. Once, it was the home for some of the most brilliant creative minds in history… until things went terribly wrong. Now, only you can uncover the theatre’s many secrets, change the past, and fix the present.


Your chief adversary — The Equinox’s boogeyman — is The Space Minotaur. As the game begins, he and his ruthless minions seem to exist only as part of a fun, arcade-style 8-bit game cabinet found within the Equinox, The Maze of the Space Minotaur…

But as events develop, it becomes clear that the beast is not confined to his digital maze, and your failures and triumphs in the arcade game directly affect your efforts outside of it. And that’s just one example of the bizarre metaphysical distress pervading the theatre.


What is The Equinox? Who are its mysterious hosts? What’s the connection between the venue, the resident creators, and bizarre, invasive arcade game?

These mysteries and more await you within what promises to be the strangest, most original first-person game experience you’ve ever played.


The Black Glove offers:

  • An original premise that ties story directly into gameplay, allowing players to alter both events and the world around them.
  • Dozens of beautiful, narrative rich environments from developers who helped create the immersive, story-rich worlds of BioShock’s Rapture and Columbia.
  • Fascinating, eccentric characters to meet and interact with, like Marisol, an artist prone to work in dangerous mediums like x-ray light and fire, and schlock-obsessed, art filmmaker Avery Arnault.
  • Over seven hours of uniquely compelling narrative content, challenging arcade feats, and strange, immersive surreal moments.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQ below and the following articles:


We’re an independent team of veteran game developers, who worked together on games like BioShock Infinite, BioShock, and more. Since Irrational Games wound down earlier this year, we’ve been funding The Black Glove out of pocket and developing the game while juggling freelance assignments.

What you see is what we’ve done in our spare time. Just think about what we could accomplish with your backing!

You can hopefully tell that The Black Glove is a project we care about immensely. With your support, together we can make this game a weird, playable reality.


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO CHECK OUT THE REWARDS (aside from the hecka-sweet gaming experience we’ll get if/when The Black Glove is funded) & KICKSTART THE CRAP OUT OF IT!

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