71%* OFF! BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & ANGEL Complete Series Box Sets

buffyangelcompleteseriesboxsets71percentofftodayThank Joss, it’s just in time for (early) Christmas shopping! Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff/crossover series Angel complete series box sets are on super-mega sale…UP TO 71% OFF! We’re usually advocates of “No Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving”–and at the very least “No Christmas and Halloween shopping at the same time!”–but since this is one day only (today), we’ll make an exception…because it’s THAT good.

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First up for grabs, at 71% off the list price, is ALL SEVEN SEASONS OF Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The list price is HIGH; comparatively, today’s sell price is DIRT CHEAP!


Get it before a) it sells out (seriously, Scoobies, this is a hella’sweet deal) or b) the sale is over & it’s back up to almost $200 bucks! Click here to cash in your kittens now on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series Box Set!

And you lucky duck, buying Buffy today saved you so many kittens/so much money that you can afford Angel too, at 64% off (and strangely LESS than Buffy cost you)!


Now before you give us the “If I want brooding, I’ll watch Batman” spiel we often get from Buffy fans as to why they never got into and thus never watched Angel, a) this is so cheap that it’s finally worth a try (at least) and b) it’s actually really REALLY good! Sure they had to turn Angel into a bit less of a brooder, but it’s totally worth it because now he’s totally kick@$$ and absolutely worth watching! Not to mention legit big-deal crossovers that make Buffy 10x better if you watch both series in the right alternating order (don’t worry, we can help you make sure you’re watching the right episodes of each show as they’re intended)! Long story short: click here to buy Angel: The Complete Series Box Set!

Go wild and buy an early Christmas gift (or two) for the Whedon-lover in your life…even if that Whedon-lover is you! If nothing else: you can always buy it now, keep it new, and sell it later for double (small exaggeration) when it’s not on sale (anytime after today)! Happy slaying, Buffy-lovers!

Also on super-mega sale this week is Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse Seasons 1&2 and the complete series of Firefly. Click here to buy Dollhouse and Firefly on DVD or Blu-ray!

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