You Don’t Have To “Wait For It”… HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: THE WHOLE STORY Is Finally Here!

UPDATE: Legen…DARY! PRICE DROP ALERT! Today only!!! Dig how cheap it is & order How I Met Your Mother (ALL 9 SEASONS) before it’s gone by clicking here!

You don’t have to “wait for it” any longer… The complete series collection of How I Met Your Mother (9 SEASONS) is finally here! Suit up for all nine legendary seasons of the slap-happy show that took TV to hilarious new heights. Join Barney, Robin, Marshall, Lily and their romantically-challenged best friend Ted for more than two-hundred truly awesome episodes. Relive all the inside jokes, crazy time-jumps, never-saw-that-coming plot twists and classic long-running gags: from the Bro Code to dopplegangers to Robin Sparkles to the infamous slap bet between Marshall and Barney.


You can OFFICIALLY have it September 23rd, BUT YOU CAN PRE-ORDER IT NOW BY CLICKING HERE! (P.S. If you order by first going through our link, you pay the same AND help support Nerdy Minds, so thanks for that!) Want to receive it the day it comes out? Order now and select 2-day shipping! (Alternatively, if you already have every season and don’t care about the hella’cool packaging, you can order HIMYM Season 9–also available September 23rd–by clicking here.) We say it’s the perfect item to start your holiday shopping with! I mean, come on, you’re going to buy it anyway… This way you can buy it for “your husband” or “your mom” or “your roommate” (anyone you live with)…because of course part of that gift will be the “quality time” you’ll spend “together” watching it. (Gosh, I really hope MY husband doesn’t read this as I’ve just incriminated myself for what I’ve been doing the last 5 years…)

BUT REALLY, it’s a lot of bang (bang bangity bang) for your buck! At the pre-order price guarantee (meaning if the price goes up, you still get it for the price you pre-ordered at, and if the price goes down, you get it at the lower price) of only $139.99 (22% off the list price if you buy now) UPDATE: $129.99, that’s only less than $15.00 $14.50 a season (give or take)! Not to mention the added value of the special features! AND CHECK OUT THAT PACKAGING (do you recognize all the little references?)!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER complete series box set contents


The 28-disc set includes all 9 seasons plus all-new bonus disc with never-before-seen content, INCLUDING AN ALTERNATE ENDING for those of us who weren’t satisfied with how the series aired and who ended up with who, plus everything listed below.



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