VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ashley Johnson (THE LAST OF US, THE AVENGERS) Is Your Favorite Celebrity… You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Ashley Johnson is your favorite celebrity… You just don’t know it yet. We know this because she was our favorite celebrity, and we didn’t know it either. We were pretty excited to interview her, but we never expected as much authenticity and laughter as she gave us!


You may know her as the youngest daughter in Growing Pains or as Mel Gibson’s teenage daughter in What Women Want. If you’ve been around in the last ten or so years, though,  you’ve gotten to see her in a whole different light. She’s been in, count ’em, three Joss Whedon projects: Dollhouse, The Avengers, and Much Ado About Nothing; and she’s also the voice and motion capture actor for Ellie, the female lead in a little award-winning video game called The Last of Us.

What will really grab you, though, is how down to earth she is! Ashley Johnson isn’t some big-headed Hollywood hotshot who name drops and doesn’t have time for “the little people”. She’s “one of us” through and through, preferring the company of a video game or comic book over real-world interactions, and even getting a little star-struck when Captain America shows up. Lucky for us (and for you), though, she broke free from her solo nerdery to spend some time with Nerdy Minds Magazine at MomoCon. What came out of that meeting can only be described as magic, as she instantly became one of our favorite celebrities with this interview being one of our all-time favorites!

Check out the full thing below, and you’ll see more sides of Ashley Johnson than you ever knew existed. Sides we think you’ll particularly appreciate include her impressions of a few of the Whedonverse people she’s worked with.

So, with much ado about something, we present to you an interview with Ashley Johnson.

See, we told you she was your favorite!

Don’t forget to let her know you saw (and loved) her interview with Nerdy Minds. You can connect with her on Twitter via @TheVulcanSalute (what did we tell you about how she’s “one of us”, read: a nerd)? And please, for the love of Ashley Johnson, share this feature/interview!

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