Want a Serenity-Shaped Thumb Drive? You’re in Luck!

There are lots of cool Firefly products out there, both official and fan-made. It’s been a long time, though, since we’ve seen anything as cool as this new Kickstarter project. The tech wizards over at Incubot have just listed a new project on Kickstarter, and we’d be willing to bet that it will be more than funded.

This Serenity thumb drive isn’t just a flat piece of plastic with a picture printed on it. No, these guys are going above and beyond, creating a complete 3D model of everyone’s favorite spacecraft. The current design has the drive at a total length of 3″-3.5″. This is sure to be a practical item as well as a cool display piece for your desk at home or at work.

They’re asking for $67,000 to finish the project. This might sound like a lot until you realize that this isn’t your standard thumb drive. The ship itself will be cast in metal, which both increases the price per item and makes it even more awesome than it already was. You want more? Alright, how about this? The thrusters will actually light up blue! Need to store data? Plug this into your computer, and you’re on your way. Don’t need to store data? Play with your awesome Serenity toy…er…model.

CAD wire-render of side and top of Firefly Serenity

Now, in case you’re wondering, they’ve already secured the license to make this, so there’s no worry of a Cease and Desist letter coming their way.

We’ll definitely be grabbing at least one of these; Firefly holds a special place in our hearts, and now we can put our most valuable digital belongings into this amazingly detailed product. The cost for one drive is $45, and if they reach their stretch goals the drive will also come with a stand for displaying it. Clearly they know the fandom. Pay an extra $10 and you’ll get an exclusive “Founders Shiny” version of the drive. Some levels even include other products that can be found on their web site. There are reward tiers all the way up to $400, which puts you on the design team and gives you creative input as well as having your name printed in the credits of every one of these that is shipped.

Now, enough from us, check out the drive prototype below then head over to the Kickstarter page and order  your own! Stay shiny! (NOTE: Prototype image below is not final. End item will be in metal and should look much shinier.)

Kickstarter views. Unfinished proto Firefly Serenity

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