Top 5(+) Couples Cosplay Opportunities Brought to You by Thor: The Dark World


If you’re anything like us, “cosplay opportunity” is one thing you look for in a new movie. And if you’re even more like us, “couples cosplay opportunity” is the ultimate mark of perfection in a new film. Thor: The Dark World didn’t disappoint in either regard. Below are 5+ couples cosplay opportunities brought to you by Thor: The Dark World! Have a look, let us know your favorites, and of course, let us know if you feel we missed anything.



Darcy and The Intern: “The name’s Ian!” Here’s an easy one for the procrastinators or for those who would like a more subtle cosplay experience. A beanie, an overcoat, and some Weezer glasses and you’re well on your way to being Darcy! Just don’t forget the snarky remarks as you have your gentleman intern carry your oversized portal-inducing contraption!


Thor and Jane Foster: The most obvious couples cosplay opportunity (though not necessarily the best). Jane even got a pretty cool costume this time around, with armor and everything! Although, we’re not exactly sure what good her armor would do in its terrible state of asymmetry, leaving the heart half of her chest exposed.


thor and lady sif

Thor and Lady Sif: This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Aside from the die-hard Jane Foster fans, I think we all want to see Lady Sif get out of the friendzone and get the god already! Maybe we should make them fight for him? And her armor doesn’t totally suck either.


Thor and Loki: Brotherly love and sibling rivalry. Thor: The Dark World gave us what we really wanted to see. You can say this film is about any number of things (the dark elves, saving Jane Foster and defeating Malekith… etc.), but at its heart, we see family (biological or otherwise). And thank the god of thunder for “otherwise”…because if Thor and Loki were blood brothers, this could get a little weird.



Odin and Frigga: Thor’s parents and a huge part of Thor: The Dark World. Without going into major spoiler territory, Odin the Allfather is always a good option, and after this last movie, Frigga is an excellent one! Get ready to bring “all the feels” to a convention near you!


The Collector and His Assistant: ***Guardians of the Galaxy SPOILER!***, perhaps? Get a jump on next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy and cosplay David Bowie as The Collector (not really) and that chick from Space Channel 5 as his assistant (also probably not really). Although, if it is actually ***Guardians of the Galaxy SPOILER***… perhaps it’s not the best idea for a couples cosplay (at least no moreso than ***X-Men SPOILER*** and ***X-Men SPOILER***).

So how about it, Nerdy Minds? Which is your favorite “couple” from Thor: The Dark World? Did we miss any, or did we catch a few you forgot about? Let us know in the comments!

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