Nerdy Minds Wants YOU for Costume & Prop Tutorials!

Are you a costume and/or prop maker extraordinaire?

Maybe you pour weeks and months worth of blood, sweat, and tears (all likely literally) into cosplay… Maybe you discovered how to make one really awesome prop by way of crazy random happenstance… or maybe you have the ability to transform anyone’s face into anyone else’s by way of latex or makeup application?

Cap's SHIELD made by one of our own!
Cap’s shield created by the creator of Nerdy Minds. Look for a future tutorial on this!

However you discovered your craft, if you know how to turn a bed sheet into a ghost–okay, you may want to submit something a little more creative than a sheet with holes in it–and if you’d like to see your creations on the front page of, you’re in luck! We’re looking for you to do costume (and/or prop) tutorials! (If you’re a costume or prop maker who takes commissions, consider us free advertisement! Related: we’ll also consider reviewing your costumes if you have a cosplay store; if you’d like to send pieces for review, contact us.)

Willow's ghost costume from the BtVS episode "Halloween"
Voilà! A masterpiece! Err, sorta.

We’re aiming to publish a variety of tutorials at different difficulty levels and “wow factors” in these weeks preceding Halloween (and beyond). We’re looking for, “Holy cosplay, Batman! You look like you jumped straight out of the TV!”, but we’re also looking for, “Holy resourceful creativity, Batman! I can’t believe you made that in only half an hour!”, and everything in-between!

IMG from Thirty Handmade Days
Supplies for a “jar head” costume from Thirty Handmade Days

Submit your ideas (and samples of your masterpieces) to be considered for a guest or regular contributor role at Nerdy Minds Magazine! Have something we haven’t mentioned here? Submit. Submit. Submit.

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Comments? Questions?

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