Colin Farrell & Paula Patton Cast to Star in World of Warcraft Movie?


According to a report from Deadline, two lead roles in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie adaptation have been offered to actors Colin Farrell and Paula Patton.

Deadline reports that Patton has already entered negotiations for a role, while Farrell accepting a role is a 50/50 at the moment.

The film adaptation of the widely popular massively multiplayer online game is in the casting phase with director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) testing actors in several roles. Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, Seventh Son) is attached to the movie’s script which is being produced by Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment.

World of Warcraft is looking to begin filming early next year and is currently planning a 2015 release date.

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One thought on “Colin Farrell & Paula Patton Cast to Star in World of Warcraft Movie?

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  1. Maybe Colin Farrell is up for the role of Leeroy Jenkins? Someone has to be that character, or there’s no point in doing the movie…


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