Burning Down the (Auction) House

Diablo3newAfter discussing Blizzard’s announcement to close Diablo III‘s PC Auction House with both PC and Console gamers, I knew there was a unified emotion that could be felt in each conversation: Joy. One PC gamer, who missed the announcement, simply said three words: “Seriously? That’s awesome!”

After the release of Diablo III for Consoles last week, PC gamers were resentful at how many Legendary items were being acquired by Console players. The Console version of Diablo III did not include the live Auction House, but rather supported a new and improved loot system–or Loot 1.5 as some are calling it. Gamers who played both the Console and PC versions were glad to hear about the announcement because the “failed economics” essentially “ruined gameplay”. With the death of the Auction House on the horizon and a new Loot 2.0 to arise from its ashes, one PC gamer had one question for Blizzard.

“What am I going to do now with five hundred million in gold?”

Cue The Talking Heads.

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