No New Pixar Film in 2014

pixar-logoTo respond to production issues, Disney Pictures has shifted around its current release schedule.

The removal of Bob Peterson as director of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has had the biggest impact on the schedule. Originally slated for a May 30th 2014 release, the film has been pushed back a full eighteen months and will now open on November 25th, 2015.

This has had an effect on the other Pixar films in development. The Finding Nemo, sequel Finding Dory, which was slated for a November 2015 release has been moved back to June 17th, 2016. The next Pixar film currently scheduled to be released in theaters is Inside Out, opening in June 2015

To fill in the gap left by The Good Dinosaur, Disney has moved up their fantasy epic, Maleficent, from July next year to that May 30th slot.

How do you feel about Pixar not releasing a film in 2014. Let us know in the comments!

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