BATMAN: Arkham Origins Does Not Disappoint

Batman’s been getting an awful lot of love over the last several years.  Sure, Marvel’s cinematic universe is taking the world by storm, but Batman has held his own against an entire franchise all by himself.  If we had to pick one thing that has catapulted Batman into the spotlight more than ever, it would be video games.

START menu for the NES title "Batman"
START menu for the NES title “Batman”

Now we know what you’re thinking: With the Nolan Batman trilogy, how can video games even come close?  Well, building up in the shadows is another Batman trilogy, the Arkham trilogy.  Starting with Arkham Asylum, this series has received nothing but praise.  This game won Game of the Year, and when a sequel was announced, fans wondered how anything could come close to what Arkham Asylum had been.  Then Arkham City was released, and fans everywhere saw just how it was done.  Arkham City has even been called “the greatest licensed video game ever made” by Game Informer magazine, and “one of the greatest games ever” by many!

"Arkham City" Game of the Year edition
“Arkham City” Game of the Year edition

Just as cool as the games themselves, though, are the “collector’s edition” sets!  Arkham Asylum came with a life-sized batarang replica which could be displayed on its own custom stand.

"Arkham Asylum" collector's edition
“Arkham Asylum” collector’s edition

Arkham City came with a Batman statue which sat on a platform providing a Gotham City backdrop.

"Arkham City" collector's edition
“Arkham City” collector’s edition

Now the Arkham team is hoping to up the ante once more.  Just announced is the collector’s edition version of the upcoming game Arkham Origins.  This game may be missing Kevin Conroy as the Dark Knight, but that isn’t stopping Warner Bros. from aiming for the stars.  After the UK collector’s edition was unveiled, excitement began building for the US announcement, and Warner Bros. did not disappoint.

"Arkham Origins" collector's edition
“Arkham Origins” collector’s edition – UK version


Fans of in-game content will be rewarded with an extra set of challenge maps playable as Deathstroke.  Old school fans will be delighted to see that this collector’s edition comes with a “1st Appearance Batman” skin that lets players control the Dark Knight in the same outfit that he wore in his first comic appearance almost seventy-five years ago.  Just as exciting, though, is the list of extras for fans of physical bonuses.

First is the obvious heavy-hitter.  The set will have a nine-inch-tall statue including LED lights of the Joker with several surveillance screens behind him.  At thirteen inches wide, this will need a display shelf of its own, and from the looks of things, fans will be more than happy to oblige.

In addition to this statue, the set will come with a full-color art book as well as several “props” from the Batman universe including pieces of evidence, a map of Gotham City, a Batman Wanted poster, and a Wayne family photo.

"Arkham Origins" collector's edition - US version
“Arkham Origins” collector’s edition – US version

See the full collector’s edition on display below!  Will you be picking it up on October 25?

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