Karan Ashley: Power Ranger, Con Creator

Conventions can be taxing on the guests. From panels to photo ops to endless autograph signing and picture taking, pretty much every minute of every day of a convention is booked solid. So what Power Rangers actress Karan Ashley and her friends (including fellow Power Rangers actress Nakia Burrise) decided to do was pretty out... Continue Reading →


I've been a fan of Power Rangers since the first episode aired way back in 1993. I remember getting the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the Super NES and playing it for hours until I beat it. I remember getting the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game and playing co-op with my brother... Continue Reading →

THE ORDER Is The POWER RANGERS Reunion You’ve Been Waiting For

"Former Power Ranger actors to star in new film, The Order. Get the reunion you've been waiting for!" 2013 was the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, and the spike in popularity that the series received hasn't backed down. As someone who experienced the mania firsthand twenty years ago, it's been exciting to experience it again... Continue Reading →

Media Points Finger At Wrong Power Ranger, Actor Addresses Issue With Nothing But Class

Sadly this isn't the first time as situation like this has arisen, and it likely won't be the last. Last week, former Red Ranger Ricardo Medina was arrested on charges of murder (the case has since been rejected by the DA). Medina appeared in 2002's Power Rangers Wild Force and again in 2011's Power Rangers Samurai. So how was this story handled? Multiple high profile... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW with Kerrigan Mahan: The Voice of Goldar & So Much More (+ He Does “THE VOICE” for Us LIVE!)

The name Kerrigan Mahan might not sound immediately familiar, but we can almost guarantee that you've heard his voice. He's played some pretty amazing characters in projects like Static Shock, Team Knight Rider, Vampire Hunter D, Lupin III, Robotech, 1989's Dragon Ball, and VR Troopers. You most likely know him, though, as the voice of the iconic... Continue Reading →

(VIDEO) Shift Into Turbo for an Interview with Blake Foster (“Justin”, POWER RANGERS TURBO)!

Get ready to shift into turbo for a video interview with Blake Foster, the Blue Turbo Ranger! (BONUS: a hilarious cameo from Azim Rizk, the current Megaforce Black/Super Megaforce Green Ranger) "Go Go Power Rangers!" Every kid wanted to be a Power Ranger. There was no question; when it came time for recess, chances are you... Continue Reading →

Power Rangers Fans Take Up Arms With “No More Tommy” Campaign – We Say Vote for Whoever the Heck You Want

There are certain constants in the world, and this was especially true in the 90s. You either liked Mario or Sonic, girls liked Barbies, and everyone's favorite power ranger was Tommy Oliver. Whether he was green, white, or red, kids just couldn't get enough of him. This was so true that in a later season,... Continue Reading →

A Mighty Morphin Interview: The Original Black Power Ranger, Walter Jones

If you were between the ages of three and fifteen in the mid 90s, then you were a Power Rangers fan. If you were older than that, then you were at least aware of the phenomenon that hit the world out of nowhere. Five teenagers--"with attitude"--were given the power to transform into a fighting force... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Non-Pinchable Characters This St. Patrick’s Day

Whoever said it's not easy being green wasn't thinking about today... Happy St. Patrick's Day, Nerdy Minds! The one day people can get away with pinching you...if you don't have any green on you. Green skin, green hair, green clothes... In honor of the greenest day, here are our top 10 non-pinchable characters. 10. The... Continue Reading →

Forever Red (Again): Austin St. John Makes First Con Appearance Since 2007

Austin St. John is something of a lost treasure in the Power Rangers fandom. After attending the first Power Morphicon back in 2007, he sort of disappeared from the face of the planet. He wasn't leaving his fans behind for no reason, though; he's spent his time since as an EMT both in Afghanistan and... Continue Reading →

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