NERF Meets Geek Culture in This Nerdy Minds Exclusive (VIDEO) Interview with The Everyman Armory (***Giveaway Details Within!***)

If you were a child or interacted with a child any time in the last 30 years, then you know the word "NERF" and probably the NERF slogan too, "It's NERF or nothing!" Maybe you're a fan of the modern NERF revolvers, or maybe you remember searching high, low, and everywhere in between to find... Continue Reading →

Brian Thomas – Author of Steam Powered Tales of Awesomeness – An Interview

Hello, little ones! Welcome to the steamier side of Nerdy Minds, and by that I do not mean where your filthy little minds went. No, in this tea room you will find all things Steampunk. And now brought to you by yours truly, Krista Cagg. And yes, I do take requests, thank you. For my... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady: A Short Story of “The William’s Hunt”

This short story by author Krista Cagg only appeared at the end of the collective of episodes for the premier plot of the Steampunk series, The William's Hunt. It appears now, here, for the introduction of Nerdy Minds (Magazine). Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady She walked into the crowded bar alone, and made... Continue Reading →

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