WIN a @3DLightFX #StarWars Deco Light! (+ #DarthVader Review)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... or rather... in our living room!? 3D Light FX Star Wars 3D deco lights bring us to the dark side of The Force with Darth Vader... and he can crash into your living room too - just click here to buy your very own Darth Vader light! *deal expired* P.S.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Non-Pinchable Characters This St. Patrick’s Day

Whoever said it's not easy being green wasn't thinking about today... Happy St. Patrick's Day, Nerdy Minds! The one day people can get away with pinching you...if you don't have any green on you. Green skin, green hair, green clothes... In honor of the greenest day, here are our top 10 non-pinchable characters. 10. The... Continue Reading →

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