More GILMORE GIRLS? A Pros & Cons List

Gilmore Girls is over, again, and there’s a void in us all that can’t be filled with today’s television; yet we find ourselves asking, “Do we even want more Gilmore Girls?” While the obvious answer is YES!, we wouldn’t be doing the Rory Gilmore in all of us justice if we didn’t put pen to... Continue Reading →

DAREDEVIL’s Charlie Cox Answers Your Questions (video)

Okay, first things first: Charlie Cox (Daredevil) is from London, and as such is a British actor. When he first spoke at Dragon Con, it was a surprise to us that his accent in Daredevil isn't his natural one. I was already impressed with his acting chops, but having to fabricate an accent on top of portraying a blind person takes... Continue Reading →

Marvel’s “The Defenders” (Miniseries) Brings DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage to Netflix

If the title of this article doesn't have you jumping up and down then we don't know what would do it. Marvel and Netflix are joining forces to bring four different miniseries to life, each focusing on a different Marvel character. The mini-series are expected to stretch out over several years, and there are already... Continue Reading →

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