ASH VS. EVIL DEAD TV Series Starring BRUCE CAMPBELL? You Bet Your BOOMSTICK We’re Excited.

The announcement that STARZ has ordered an Evil Dead TV series to star "Groovy Bruce" Bruce Campbell, the original and one and only Ash Williams, is the stuff of April Fools' Day, AND IT'S NOT APRIL! - You bet your BOOMSTICK we're excited. The facts: STARZ has ordered 10 episodes, straight to series, with OGs... Continue Reading →


Army of Darkness 2 Starring Bruce Campbell Marching to the Big Screen?

The last time we saw Bruce Campbell play Ashley James “Ash” Williams on the big screen was in 1992’s Army of Darkness. However, if the recent news is true and not just Campbell and crew having fun with the audience, we may be set to see Campbell play Ash once again. News broke from Wondercon... Continue Reading →

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