5+ Geektastic Christmas Trees (quick and easy-ish for the last-minute festive nerd in all of us)

Man, you geeks–okay, we geeks–have gotten creative! We’ve taken Christmas to a whole new level of nerdery! We’ve even gone from plain ol’ science fiction and pop culture decorations on traditional Christmas trees to as far as making the Christmas trees themselves declare our fandoms. Here are our 5 favorites we’ve seen so far (which, btw, would look great with a nerdy nativity by its side!)…

5. The Comic/Book/Movie/Video Game-Stack Christmas Tree That’s Not Really a Tree at All Christmas Tree


This works best (read: appears most “tree-like”) in green, but it could really work in any color, including a mix of color, as Nerdy Minds’ own Ant-Man did (above) for his comic book tree (which is awesome)! If you want to keep it green though, and if you prefer to go the video game route… XBOX360 games come in green cases! (Pro Tip: You may want to remove the actual games from their cases and sleeve them in a CD case, etc., if you plan on your holiday festivities including gaming!) Check out our video game tree (below)! We used a mix of XBOX games for the gree tree-ness and Wii games for a snowy feel!


You can also sprinkle in some DVD/Blu-ray/VHS (*Gasp!*) cases if you don’t have enough games to make the tree as big as you’d like it, or you can make it entirely out of your favorite movie cases. You can then sprinkle the tree with lights and decorations of your choosing; you can just set your dolls–ahem, collectibles–on the flat surfaces (see Ant-Man’s above) and top the tree with a traditional Christmas tree topper, such as an angel or star, or  you can go even more geek with it! Ant-Man’s comic book tree features Angel from Buffy… See what he did there? And we topped our video game tree with the Wonder Woman/Batman statue from Injustice!

4. The LEGO Christmas Tree


“Nothing says Merry Christmas like a room full of LEGO!” is something we’ve been saying our whole lives. Why not make a tree of it? You can even make it 5813538571x larger than your average Christmas tree if you’ve got a butt-ton of LEGO bricks laying around…


Yes, that up there is 33 feet in height of merry LEGO goodness!

3. The “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!” Tree

The Peanuts gang’s Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas is particularly a great idea for those of us who live in tiny boxes, and it’s what we have in our house too (which isn’t a box), so we can testify that it’s good in those as well! You can buy a darn-close replica of this classic dose of nostalgia for $15.00 shipped (or pick up locally since by now you’re in a hurry) from Home Depot! This one measures 24″, is complete with single red ornament and Linus blanket… and it even plays the theme song (ours doesn’t do this… maybe it’s time to upgrade)!

2. The Dalek Christmas Tree

Exterminate! the monotony of same ol’ same ol’ Christmas and have a Doctor Who kind of Christmas instead (though hopefully more enjoyable than The Doctor’s often are… more on that in our Top 10 Doctor Who Christmas Moments post)! And odds are you have most of this stuff (plunger, tin foil, laundry basket…) laying around your house/spaceship already. If you don’t, $5.00 at the dollar store should cover it.

1. The Portal Christmas Tree


There’s no question this Portal tree is the coolest tree we’ve ever seen (so far). Rope lighting (can be purchased pretty much anywhere this time of year) in red or blue, a Christmas tree (fake ones often come in halves already, so eliminating the need of a saw!), and something to secure the halves in place make this for a far less-difficult-than-it-looks endeavor! The hardest part of this whole thing is securing it to the ceiling–you can also secure it to a wall, depending on where you point your portal gun. A portal gun could also be of use to any fat guys dressed in red whilst trying get in small/no chimney’d houses on Christmas Eve.

You tell us, Nerdy Minds. Which is your favorite? Or maybe you know of an even cooler Christmas tree option? Sound off in the comments! And of course… Share in the comics if you do any of these or have a different geektastic tree! We want pictures if you got ’em!

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