Officially Licensed Cosplay Quality Sailor Moon Lingerie

Who’s up for a little Sailor Moon cosplay/roleplay? (Yes, we mean that kind…)

UPDATE: Now those of us not in Japan can buy it without the help of a deputy service! Here’s the link:

Just yesterday, an all Japanese website announced that we can now order officially licensed Sailor Moon costume lingerie! And it’s cosplay quality (but only for the bedroom)! Finally, and just in time for Christmas! Amiright? Does it make one (of course we don’t mean us…) weird to be excited for this? Well, that’s a matter of opinion… We’ve (with a little help from Google) translated the news so you can decide for yourself. The direct Japanese-to-English translation was still largely unreadable, so we’ve done our best to make sense of it for you. Without further ado, the Sailor Moon lingerie news you’ve been waiting for…!

The “Turn Into Sailor Moon Bra Sets” feature bra and panties (and choker) in the style of the Sailors’ iconic outfits! We have the choice of “turning into” Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus! (But wait… WhereTF are Sailor Uranus’ undies???)

Cosplay Quality Sailor Moon Lingerie
Cosplay Quality Sailor Moon Lingerie

I’m not sure about you, but those don’t really scream “discreet under-the-clothes garments” to us! What they do scream, though, is a whole lot of fun… “Is that a Sailor bow in blouse, or are you just happy to see me?” 😉 The rough Japanese-to-English translation Google gave us was “Ribbon attached’s removable.” Whew. That’s a relief. Maybe we can wear the bows outside our pants and t-shirts… That’s totally acceptable, right?

Anyway, here are the up close and personal (however not too personal–the lingerie is just on mannequins which only makes it “too personal” if you’re really one of the weird ones) shots of just how shiny these skivvies are (and we mean that in more ways than one)!

The Most Realistic Sailor Moon Lingerie Money Can Buy

The Most Realistic Sailor Moon Lingerie Money Can Buy

The Most Realistic Sailor Moon Lingerie Money Can Buy

The Most Realistic Sailor Moon Lingerie Money Can Buy

The Most Realistic Sailor Moon Lingerie Money Can Buy

Legitly though, those tops are arguably more accurate than those of most cosplays we’ve seen (note the seam below the bust). They even have the right number of lines on each collar! Just slide it over a plain white short sleeve leotard, and… Voila! You’re a Sailor Scout (although, you’ll still need a skirt…)!

They’re also offering some more normal bras and undies (below), which while a mite more discreet are, we can only assume, nowhere near as fun; however still adorable.


Little details worth noting on these are the bows on the bra straps and the hanging star ‘twixt a lass’ own personal sailor scouts (see what I did there?)…


Also available are some cutesie short-shorts pajamas featuring our favorite kitties, Luna and Artemis. These tees can certainly be worn out-and-about as well though!


Needless to say, your friendly neighborhood Nerdlyweds (that’s us) are certainly-maybe open to giving these Sailor suits a try! Now we have no excuse not to buy that top hat, mask, bow tie and cape we’ve been looking at (don’t forget the cane and roses)!

Priced at 4,980 yen ($48 USD), these can be ordered until December 25th and are set to be shipped in late February (2014).

“But wait! You didn’t say where to leave my money so I can get on the fast track to turning into Sailor Moon!”

If you live in Japan (lucky), you can order straight away via Premium Bandai. If, like us, you live outside of Japan, you’ll need to A and preferably) have a “guy on the inside” (of Japan) to serve as your middleman and help you out (long story short: you pay him, he pays Bandai, he receives goodies, you wait around for all of the aforementioned to take place and then finally you also receive goodies), or B) use a deputy service.

“WTF is a ‘deputy service’?”

You sure ask a lot of questions, don’t you? 😉 A deputy service essentially serves as the middleman (like your “guy on the inside”, above)…but unlike your friend, you’ll have to pay extra. Click here for Sailor Moon Collectibles’ help guide on using a deputy service.

P.S. If anyone wants to be our “guy on the inside”, please let us know!

What do you say, Nerdy Minds? Will you be Sailor suiting up?

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  1. That sailor moon set is AMAZING!!! I 100% need it, where can I get and how , because I’ll need all of them by October! Can you help a fellow fan out , thank you!

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