Couples Cosplay: AWA Edition (2013)

Most conventions have a slew of celebrity guests on panels in which the fans get to ask the questions; however, there is one arena in which the con-goers get to be the celebrities: cosplay. We recently attended Anime Weekend Atlanta, and the cosplayers were out in force! …and not just as anime characters either! Check back often (or like Nerdy Minds on Facebook / follow Nerdy Minds on Twitter) as we’ll be sharing some of our favorites and the stories behind them.

As Nerdlyweds, all of our cosplays start with one question: “Is there a counterpart?” Couples cosplay presents all of the challenges of regular cosplay but times two and with a few more tossed in! There are two complete costumes that have to be found, made, crafted, assembled, and otherwise put together; not only this, but they also have to work together. …and that can be stressful. That being said, all of the stress is worth it when a costume set comes together in the end! Everyone loves a good Kaylee cosplayer, but throw in a Simon for her to kiss during photo ops, and the coolness factor doubles.

We didn't see a Simon & Kaylee, but we did see an adorable Kaylee with a Captain Mal!
We didn’t see a Simon & Kaylee, but we did see an adorable Kaylee with her very own personal Cap’n Tightpants!

Couples cosplay is a testament to the fact that nerd culture is becoming a gender-equal arena, and this makes for some great opportunities. At Anime Weekend Atlanta, more people than we could count took advantage of the opportunity to suit up with their significant other, and we were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to some of them and get a few pictures. We couldn’t get every one (another testament to how many couples there were!), but we sure tried. We tried not to seem too creepy by shouting character names while sprinting across the con floor, but sometimes we saw a costume set in the distance that so perfectly fit what we were looking for that it justified making fools of ourselves.

Westley & Buttercup said they "aren't a couple" - perhaps what they meant was "yet."
Westley & Buttercup said they “aren’t a couple” – perhaps what they meant was “yet.”

Not only did we find some classic couples like Westley and Buttercup, but we found couples from almost every medium and genre we can think of (American cartoons, anime, video games, etc…)! We hope you enjoy some of the same ones we did (and that you’ll link us to any good ones we may have missed)! This feature contains some of our favorites! Maybe it was how they interacted perfectly together in character, or maybe it was how well they pulled off the costumes… For one reason or another, though, these guys (and gals) made the cut!

(We tried our best to limit the background clutter, but we were at a convention with some 18,000 odd people! Click the thumbnails for a closer look!)

Conventions have a way of bringing people together, and Anime Weekend Atlanta is no different. While waiting in line at the food court, we bumped into a great Doctor and Rose cosplay pair. The two held hands and grinned ear to ear for the picture. Afterward, we asked them if they were a couple. They laughed and said, “No, we actually just met today!” They then got back in the food line together and continued chatting. We’re not sure what became of those two, but we like to think that they’re off exploring time and space together.

What ever became of Rose and the Doctor? We hope they got married.
What ever became of Rose & the Doctor? We hope they got married.

…and sometimes you find yourself on a double date! AWA is a great place to meet friends, so it was bound to happen eventually, right?

Joker and Harley Quinn with Catwoman and Bane
This is a date night we’d like to be a part of! Joker & Harley Quinn with Catwoman & Bane

You were all amazing!

If it wasn’t apparent thus far, Nerdlyweds (that’s us) consists of a nerdy married couple! So, since there are two of us, we’ve each chosen our favorite-favorites!

Mrs. Nerdly has chosen Tripp Dorris and Alyce Blue as Franken Stein and Marie Mjölnir (or フランケン シュタインはand マリー・ミョルニル if you prefer the Japanese)! No doubt this is because they’re “freaking adorable!” “Couple crushes” are okay, right?

This Stein & Marie get Mrs. Nerdly's 1st Place title!
Like we said… “Freaking adorable!”

Finally, for Mr. Nerdly’s 1st Place title… It’s Zackery Lagman and Emma Kye as Vincent and Catherine! Seriously, these two look like they walked right out of the console!

"Emma Kye Cosplay" & Zackery Lagman as Catherine and Vincent are Mr. Nerdly's 1st place pick. Props to Zackery for breaking the "Underwear is not cosplay" rule.
Props to Zackery for breaking the “Underwear is not cosplay” rule.

…and as a special added bonus–since you can’t look at an anime convention without seeing it at least once–Here’s one for the rabid yaoi fans.

The yaoi was their idea, but we couldn't turn it down.
The yaoi was their idea, but we couldn’t turn it down.

Did you see any of these guys (and gals)? Maybe you’re one of them? Maybe you saw some awesome sets we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Of course, we’d like to credit everyone… If you recognize some cosplayers without credits, that’s because we don’t know who they are! Please have them contact us so we can update.

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