Holy Bat-Shaped Vinyl: BATMAN the ANIMATED SERIES Record is Everything You Want!


Every now and then you’ll stumble upon something that makes you say, “Why on Earth doesn’t everyone have one of these?” Often the reason is simply that no one knows about it which is equally mind-boggling. Today we’re going to … Continue reading

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Love Puns? Movies? FUN? Should You Get The #SCHMOVIE #PartyGame? Yes, You SCHOULD!


Should You Get SCHMOVIE: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films? Yes You SCHOULD! And yes, you can STILL get it in time for Christmas (until 12/22 by snagging this FREE trial of Amazon Prime or from Barnes & Noble) – FYI Schmovie‘s the gift … Continue reading

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Sing Jingle Bells…ONE MORE TIME: Christmas Songs For When You’re Sick Of Christmas Songs


Here we are with (less than) a week to go till Christmas, and let’s face it: as great as Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby are, you’ve been listening to them for almost a month now, and you might just blow up your radio if … Continue reading

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Rejoice, DC Animated Universe fans! …for right now you can get all 4 seasons of Justice League (Season 1 and Season 2) on Blu-ray or DVD and Justice League Unlimited (Season 1 and Season 2, or Season 3 and Season … Continue reading

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CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS is on Ridicu-Sale…Yes, Even the HARDENED & PRESTIGE Editions! [UPDATED]


UPDATE 2: Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige (collector’s) Edition for Xbox 360 is hells’balls cheap right now at 80% off, making it even cheaper than the less cool versions of the game! Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition comes with … Continue reading

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Holy Hogwarts, Harry! There’s a Magical Sale on HARRY POTTER Complete Film Collections (All 8) + 45 Hours of Special Features!


Click here to buy all 8 Harry Potter movies in one set with over 45 hours of special features at a serious discount and/or read on for details and more ways to buy just the 8-movie set for even cheaper… … Continue reading

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More Than Joker’s Girlfriend: Notable Incarnations of HARLEY QUINN


News recently dropped that DC Comics’ upcoming Suicide Squad movie (2016) has decided on their Harley Quinn. This is huge news as it will mark the first time that Joker’s slightly psychotic yet adorable girlfriend–who has by and large become … Continue reading

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Adam West Batman Is Back & Remastered For HD Crime-Fighting & World’s-Greatest-Detective…ing


Adam West Batman is back, and he’s been remastered for HD crime-fighting and world’s-greatest-detective…ing in this totally bat-tastic limited edition box set featuring all 120 cheeseball episodes PLUS over 3 hours of all new extra special features! …but wait, THERE’S … Continue reading

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ASH VS. EVIL DEAD TV Series Starring BRUCE CAMPBELL? You Bet Your BOOMSTICK We’re Excited.


The announcement that STARZ has ordered an Evil Dead TV series to star “Groovy Bruce” Bruce Campbell, the original and one and only Ash Williams, is the stuff of April Fools’ Day, AND IT’S NOT APRIL! – You bet your … Continue reading

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75% Off TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Limited Edition Movie Gift Set with OPTIMUS RIDING GRIMLOCK Collectible Statue


This Transformers: Age of Extinction Limited Edition Movie Gift Set with OPTIMUS RIDING GRIMLOCK Collectible Statue is a total steal at 75% off! $29.99 is cheaper than you can get most Blu-rays, and this is a relatively new film +++ … Continue reading

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